Divyang Sarathi

Opportunities for Disabled People – NHFDC and Divyang Sarathi

Today I am going to discuss about a website named NHFDC (National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation) and Divyang Sarathi which is very useful for disabled people who are searching for programs running by central governments.

Divyang Sarathi

Main Features of NHFDC

  • Self-Employment Loan and Education Loan
  • SKILL Training Scheme
  • Micro Credit Scheme (MCS)
  • Scholarship Schemes

As shown above you can get complete information of all above related features in the web portal and you can also apply online for the schemes on the website.

Divyang Sarathi

Ministry also provides a Job Portal on which you can see and apply for any jobs related to Divyangjans.

Divyang Sarathi

Even we have a mobile app naming Divyang Sarathi mobile app which is very useful for easy dissemination of information to all Divyangjans.

This provides all relevant information related to department of empowerment of persons  with disabilities(Divyangjans) which includes

  • Various Acts
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Guidelines
  • Schemes
  • Outreach institutions
  • Employment opportunity
  • Disability market in accessible format

Divyang Sarathi Mobile app has audio notes (text-to-voice conversion software) embedded in the application which converts the written information into an audio file as well as the adjustable font size which can be altered as per the user’s requirement.

Divyang Sarathi

NOTE: In Divyang Sarathi Mobile app you can also see Disability Market, currently I can see ALIMCO (Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India) is registered so if any person known to you has a requirement of any Artificial Limbs can contact this company and can get artificial Limbs on Low Cost.

ALIMCO is government enterprise and you can contact them directly for artificial Limbs.

Divyang Sarathi

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