6 thoughts on “How To Open National Pension System NPS Account Online – Step by Step Procedure”

  1. Dear Sir,
    Is it necessary to invest per month ? what is minimum amount for Tier 1 and for Tier 2 ? how much should be invested to get 50,000 per month ? This points are not covered in video or blog .Please provide me this information

  2. Dear Jayesh,

    Its not mandatory to invest monthly, however you have to pay atleast one time in a year, minimum amount already mentioned in my video if you could please check complete video. However regarding to get 50000 Rs per month, it will depend on your investment and as i have already told in my video you will get 50% money at the age of retirement and rest money will be paid after retirement on yearlly basis, it depends on pension fund managers how these are performing…i hope you would have get your answers

  3. Jaswinder kaur

    Sir i applied for pran and i got online. When i tried for ipin msg comes your account is frozen . Can you help what should I do now ?

  4. can you please try to reset your ipin and let me know if it does not work, i have another video for it try to see it like how to login in NPS account

  5. Sir
    I am a govt employee and i want to open Enps account
    Do i need to follow the sampe procedure as mentioned by you in your video.
    Or i need to do some more formality?

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