How to get Highest marks in examination

How to Get Highest Marks in Examination | Tips and Tricks

Today i am going to tell you about How to get Highest marks in examination, i will show you my useful tips which i have used to get good marks in engineering.

I have seen many videos which talk about confidence, consistency etc. But you know if you are an average person than these things does not come in picture to get good marks.

We all know that everybody is not same and how each individual learn depends on it.

However today i am going to tell you my secret tips to get good or highest marks in exam. Weather its board exam or secondary or any competition.

How to get Highest marks in examination

I will share my secret sauce which i used to get highest marks in my final year of engineering exam. I will share with some tips here which you can use while doing your syllabus or before two to three months before exam.

How to get Highest marks in examination

And some tips which you can follow during exam time to increase your marks.

How to get Higher marks in examination best tips

  1. Analyze the syllabus
  2. Learn from only one book, don’t refer many books
  3. Read previous year papers  when starting the syllabus
  4. Start from most easy and then difficult
  5. Create short notes

How to get Highest marks in examination

Tips while writing exams

  1. Write in points
  2. Give conclusion if required
  3. Highlight in bold or by marker main points
  4. Draw as many relevant pictures
  5. For objective paper choose answers after to find out all wrong options.

You can also check my video for brief explanation of these points.

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