How to Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID

How to Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID – Easily and Fast

Today i will show you how to generate aadhaar virtual id easily.

Although we can use aadhaar number but its not safe at all. our government has provided this feature to secure your aadhaar number. This virtual id is just an random number directly linked with your aadhaar number in the background so all the things which you do with aadhaar number now you can do with virtual id.

You can now directly use your virtual id generated anywhere for authentication or if you want to opt for any government scheme or anything. Its safe and secure way.

To generate aadhaar virtual id you can go to UIDAI site or directly you can go to resident uidai site.

generate aadhaar virtual id

There you will see the link to generate Virtual ID as shown in screenshot below

Virtual ID generator

Now on next screen you will have to put your Aadhaar number and the mentioned security code.

Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID

As shown in below screen, now you can click on Send OTP to receive the OTP on your registered mobile number in aadhaar details.

VID generation

You can check the OTP has been sent.

OTP to generate virtual id

You have to put the OTP on right side box as shown. And Select “Generate Virtual ID”, if you have already generated the virtual id earlier but somehow you have forgot then you can click on “Retrieve VID” to get the Virtual ID already generated on your mobile as SMS.

Retrive Virtual Aadhaar ID

You will get below message for success virtual id generation.

Aadhaar Virtual ID created

The virtual ID you will receive by SMS on your mobile as shown. I have hidden my Virtual ID for privacy.

Aadhaar Virtual ID SMS

You can check my video tutorial also

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