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How to File an RTI Application Online – Step by Step – Explained

How to File RTI application online this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi with step by step procedure.

RTI is a not a new word basically it means right to information, ultimately information for every citizen. There many times we want some information like what projects are running in our country what is happening with the tax money and everything. how to File RTI correctly is what it matters.

This however now can easily be gathered by filing online RTI(Right to information act 2005), earlier we have the option to file RTI offline. Both the procedures has been mentioned below.

File RTI

Process to file RTI offline

  1. Application can be handwritten or typed in English\Hindi or in the official language in white paper.
  2. There is no prescribed format for central government public authorities but in some states there is prescribed proforma for the application.
  3. Address your RTI application to Central/ State Public information Officer (CPIO/ SPIO) with the complete and correct address of public authority.
  4. Write subject as “Information sought under RTI Act, 2005”.
  5. Queries should be specific, clear and complete without any confusion/ ambiguity. Mention the period for which information is sought. Try to restrict your queries to one subject only.
  6. Write your name and mailing address. Other contact details such as phone number, email etc. may be mentioned but these are optional.
  7. Pay Rs.10/- towards RTI fee in the form of cash, Indian Postal Order or Bank Draft for central government public authorities and some state government public authorities and attach proof of fee payment with RTI application. In some states fee is more than Rs.10/- and mode of payment also varies.
  8. Keep photocopy of application for your record.
  9. Application can be sent by post or can be submitted to the PIO in person. Take the acknowledgement from PIO if submitted in person. If application is sent by post, it is advisable to send it by registered post and keep acknowledgement slip with you till the final disposal of application.
  10. RTI application can also be submitted to the APIO at the designated Post Offices.

Process to file RTI Online

  1. Register on the website (Optional), you can directly fill the form as i have shown in video
  2. RTI can be filed only for Central Ministries/Departments and other Central Public Authorities mentioned
    Note : Please do not file RTI applications through this portal for the public authorities under the State Governments, including Government of NCT Delhi. If filed, the application would be returned, without refund of amount.
  3. Fill the Online application form with the details
  4. Submit the application
  5. Pay the fees Rs 10 online
  6. On submission of an application, a unique registration number will be issued, which may be referred by the applicant for any future reference.
  7. From time to time you can check the status of the application
  8. Application will first go to nodal officer then it will be transferred to the concerned department CPIOs.
  9. If you did not get reply within 30 Days follow the below procedure to file appeal.

Process to submit Appeal to the Appellate Authority

  1. If you think it’s been long time and your question is not answered you can submit an appeal for the same.
  2. If after first appeal also you did not get response within 30 Days you can file the second appeal on below

RTI Main Website

RTI Online Appeal Application

Disclaimer: Above data has been taken from government website for informative and education purposes. Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.


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