How to file GSTR 1

How to file GSTR 1 – Nil Return – Quick Guide

Today i am going to show you how to file GSTR 1 Nil return, though the process is very simple however some people have made it complicated.

I have seen many videos and found even you have not made any sales or anything they have shown filing of GSTR1 by putting zero values and creating fake enteries.

This is not required at all. The process is very simple and i will take you through step by step.

File GSTR 1 Nil Return

  1. First login to GSTN portal. Put your user account and password along with captcha.

    How to file GSTR 1

  2. Now you will see the return dashboard option on which you will have to click.

    How to file GSTR 1

  3. Now select the financial year and Return filing period and click on Search.I am filing for FY 2018-19 and for April Month.

    Here you will get on left side option for GSTR1 which is showing with due date(although i missed it already :))

    Click on “Prepare Online

    How to file GSTR 1

  4. No you will see a form will open which will ask to submit all details related to any transaction done basically invoice details.

    How to file GSTR 1

  5. However we are filing Nil return so just go at the bottom here you will see and option as “Generate GSTR1 Summary” as shown. Remember for filing NIL return we don’t have to mention any details.

    Click on GENERATE GSTR1 SUMMARY option.

    How to file GSTR 1

  6. Now on top of page you will see in green color that GSTR1 Summary generate process is initiated, wait for 1-2 mins and click on Refresh button as shown on right hand side of page.

    How to file GSTR 1

  7. Now go to again bottom of page and click on SUBMIT.

    How to file GSTR 1

  8. Accept the warning and Click on PROCEED.

    How to file GSTR 1 Return

  9. Go to top of page now you will see that in green colour it will how that your submit request has been received. Wait for another 5-10 mins here.

    file GSTR 1 Return

  10. Now to verify if GSTR1 is submitted or not go to again return dashboard and select the financial year and month, and click on Search again(Like we did on initial steps 1-3). You will see that GSTR1 status is showing now submitted which was earlier showing the due date.

    Remember status is SUBMITTED and not FILED, we have to FILED it.

    Now Click on FILE GSTR1 option.

    How to file GSTR 1

  11. On next page you will get below screen and click on FILE RETURN.

    Now after this you can use DSC or EVC option to FILE your GSTR1 return

    How to file GSTR 1
    Please check steps in details in my youtube video.

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