How to Digitally Signed pdf

How to Digitally Signed pdf documents – Step by Step

Today i am going to show you that How to digitally signed pdf documents easily and fast.

Its very easy to sign pdf documents however for this you need digital signature in place. It can be in the form of USB token. This is how i will show you my LLP document which i am going to digitally sign it.

Process to digitally Signed PDF document

  1. Open PDF document which you want to esign.
  2. Then go to section which is highlighted with color box for sign as shown below.

  3. Attach your Digital Signature USB on your computer.
  4. Click on the color box as shown in above picture.
  5. You will get a new screen in which you will see the name of the person of which you have attached the Digital signature token.

  6. If you see multiple names here select the one for which you want to sign the PDF.
  7. Click on Continue as shown in above picture.
  8. On next screen Click on Sign

  9. After Click on Sign, it will ask you to save the file. Save the File with proper name.

  10. Close the current file following with Yes, it will ask multiple times.
  11. When you will open the file, you will see the file is signed as shown

  12. If you have to sign in multiples do the same process by saving it, after save dont close the file, sign the same file with different person as required and then save it again with different name.
    Close the file, it will ask multiple yes or no. Just say yes every time and close it.

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