delhi metro smart card recharge

How to Recharge Delhi Metro Smart Card Online Easily

How to do Delhi Metro Smart Card Recharge Online easily and officially from DMRC site this is what i am going to explain you in simple terms step by step with instructions.

Today approximately one out of three people are traveling and using delhi metro services to save his\her time.

However many times we have seen there is a long queue to take the token to travel through metro. To avoid that we use smart card which we have to recharge one time from a minimum amount that is 200 Rs and we can travel as much till the money in the smart card is exhausted.

delhi metro smart card recharge

Even as population is rising many folds the queue to recharge the smart card is also rising at the Delhi metro stations, to avoid that we can recharge our metro card online after recharging you will just have to swipe it in the machines located in metro stations so that it can recognize the money which you have added in the smart card.

delhi metro smart card recharge

There are many ways to recharge the metro card one of the best is to do it officially from the delhi metro site.

Steps to Recharge Delhi Metro Card

Users can view all the Top Ups done as he do transactions and can use his Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking or wallet (Paytm) to pay online for an instant recharge. The easy steps are

1. Enter the amount and card information.

2. Secure pay through Payment Modes (Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking/Wallet).

3. Go to AVMs installed at all DMRC Metro Stations (Including Airport Express Line) near EFO(Excess Fare Office)/Customer Care and do the validation of the amount you entered.

In my video I am going to show you how you do it easily officially. Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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